Service isn't dead!

Everyone else just acts like it is.

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Who We Are:

James Hegi, Owner:

With a Bachelor's of Science from Johns Hopkins University, Mr. Hegi started working for private clients in 2008. He has performed bookkeeping for 8+ years, tax preparation for 12+ years, web design for 16+ years, and has performed legal and government document preparation for private clients. There is no sales pitch. Efficient, effective, and honest, Mr. Hegi ensures that our staff performs only the highest quality work without cutting corners.

Our Staff:

Various independent contractors with experience in accounting, administration, advertising, marketing, and sales make up our team on a per-project basis. All projects are handled with sufficient supervision but without employing uneccessarily expensive expertise. From a simple delivery of legal documents to multi-year financial audits, Hegi's Services employs a network of skilled individuals to get the job done.